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Get A Glimpse on How to View Private Instagram Accounts

Who doesn’t enjoy some nice juicy gossip? Whether you are a boy or girl, getting a peek into someone’s personal life is way too much fun. Then again, there are competitors, ex flames and other such people whose private lives are too interesting not to get an insight into. If there is a girl you have been having a crush on, it is intriguing to know what her Instagram profile must appear like, the kind of pictures she posts, how many followers does she have, who all follow her? You would want to know it all.

clickWe live in times where everyone has a social media image. This is a platform where people connect with each other, share beautiful photography and also share bits of their personal lives through photos and videos etc. Like photographs of a recent holiday, pictures of a fabulous dinner cooked, a birthday party or any random photos and videos that one would want to share with their followers and friends. If you are not living under a rock, you also definitely must have an Instagram account.

In recent times, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media websites. Its fame is proven by the fact that they have over 400 million users. This platform is also being used by businesses as a platform for advertising; entertainment industry has also taken to Instagram to keep their viewers hooked on. This is a great place for average people to stay informed, entertained and updated with latest activities of their followers, who they follow and friends.

When you create an Instagram account, the settings have two options, private and public. If you choose your account to be public, then any and everyone can view your profile, the pictures and videos you share and also details about your followers and who you follow etc.

However, if a person’s account is private, one cannot view beyond their profile picture. All you will be able to see is their profile picture, the number of people they follow and who follows them. You will not be able to view any of their posts or the usernames of those who follow them or vice versa.

To get to know more about the person, you will need to send across a ‘Following’ request. This request is notified to the user. If the user accepts your request, you can then follow them and view all their pictures, videos and other details.

So how to view private Instagram profiles of those you want to know more about? You first and most obviously need an Instagram account.

Having done that there are a few ways which can be tried to see private Instagram profiles. Let us consider each one:

  • Send a ‘Following’ request: This is by far the simplest, honest and correct way to view Instagram profiles online. If the user knows you or doesn’t mind you following them, they will accept your request and you will be able to follow them in the most socially acceptable way possible. If you are afraid that the user may decline your request, you might consider backing your request with a message.

You can convey to the user, why you wish to follow them. In case the user doesn’t know that you exist, you might consider introducing yourself first. Make sure your message doesn’t sound too needy or desperate, which might bring doubts in the user’s mind. But if the user knows you, they might not object to you following them. This invariably will increase their list of followers as well. And you never know, in case the user wishes to reciprocate to your feelings, viewing their private Instagram account may get easier than you think

  • Create a parallel Instagram account: How to view private Instagram accounts, in case you do not want the user to know, that you are viewing them? This could be the case when you wish to view the account of a competitor, someone you are loggerheads with, or it could also be an ex or a current flame you wish to keep an eye on. If such people have private Instagram accounts, sending a genuine ‘Following’ request is practically out of question.

In such situations, you might consider the option of creating a parallel account that goes by a completely different name. Though this may sound like a shady option, you can create a fake profile, using an assumed name or the name of someone you know who doesn’t have an Instagram account. How genuine you can make a fake profile appear is completely up to you. But you start with uploading a fake profile picture. You can also make the profile appear more believable by sharing some beautiful pictures and videos and even have a few followers. Using an assumed name of a girl somehow makes the profile look natural; it may appear less needy as well. Avoid using dramatic names or names of celebrities which instantly look fake, a common regular name comes across as a genuine one

After having created a fake account, you can send across your following request. You can also back your request with a message, introducing yourself and why you wish to befriend the user. You could include some common interests between the user and your assumed profile, which might sound like a believable reason why the user might accept the request.

If you are lucky enough and if the user is open enough to random request, your request might be accepted.

  • View accounts without following: This is by far the best and safest way to answer the common question, how to view private Instagram accounts? Very few people would know about it, but it works for sure.

When you open your Instagram page, you will see the ‘Activity’ button on the right hand corner at the end of the page. This icon appears like a conversation bubble with a heart in it. You click on that button. You now have two options, ‘You’ where you can check your own Instagram activity. The second option is ‘Following’ this is where you must go. As this icon displays all the latest activities of all those people who you are following. So when any of your friends have liked, commented or done any activity with the user whose profile you wished to view, you can easily check that by a simple click.

Using this method, you can view all the details of an account notwithstanding the fact that it is private. If any of your friends have been active on the user’s profiles, you can view it through the activity of your friend.

  • The least reliable way to view private instagram : When one wants to view a private Instagram account, but all the above options have turned futile, there is one last way remaining. As mentioned earlier, this is the least reliable and most unsafe way to try. With this method, there is no 100% guarantee that your purpose of viewing a private account will be served. But there are more chances of harm coming onto

This method is best avoided, but if you are really desperate, you can give it a try. If you look online, you will be able to find many Instagram Viewer Tools. These sites are mostly spam and no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to download them.

The risk factor in these tools is that you have to give in way too much personal information. When you log into these sites, you have to give in your username.

You then have to choose whether you wish to download the pictures or view now. You can choose the option you prefer. The next step involves divulging a lot of personal information, which is the most dangerous part. And then you are directed to a private account from where you can view private Instagram accounts.

Firstly there is no guarantee that these sites will help you actually view private accounts.

Secondly, these sites could misuse your personal information and may be potentially harmful to your social media links.

And finally, there is always a risk of them inserting malware with access to personal details.

Conclusion on how to view private instagram accounts


If you are really keen on being a part of someone’s private Instagram account, the best option is always the first one. That is to send a request to follow. While it is possible to be virtual friends, nothing beats the traditional way of introducing and befriending. This way there is a chance that you can actually become friends and can easily stay updated with each other using Instagram.

The other options no matter how safe or unsafe, tend to appear sketchy in some way or other. One must bear in mind the consequence, should the user ever discover that you have been viewing their private account on sly, either using a fake account or even through activities of friends.

And finally the last option of using Instagram viewer tools must be avoided till as far as possible. Simply because, though they may provide many assurances and guarantees, they are not reliable. And with access to so much of your personal information, they can be potentially harmful for you.

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