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Time To Get Your Free Nintendo Switch By participating in Nintendo Switch giveaway

So, a lot has been said about the newest gadget in town, the Nintendo Switch. This one has become famous before it has even reached the hands of gamers.

While its features and technicalities can be discussed later, there is one thing we know for sure. The Nintendo Switch isn’t going to come for a price one can easily afford. If you are an avid gamer looking forward to laying your hands on the Nintendo Switch, chances are you may not have to burn a hole in your pocket!

Sounds a bit too good to be true correct? Well, it is true. If you are feeling lucky today, this could be your chance to win a free Nintendo Switch. Before we get into the details of how one can try and win, let us first check out some basic facts.

What is Nintendo Switch and how to enter Nintendo Switch Giveaway?

Nintendo Switch is a home video console, the seventh one of its kind. This has been developed by the renowned company Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch which was formerly called as NX during its development time stands out as special because of several key features.

  • Firstly, the Nintendo Switch has been designed to be used as a home console, where the main unit has to be inserted into a docking station. This is then connected to a TV and the game can be enjoyed as any other home game console
  • What makes this one special is, its ‘Switch’ mode. As this one can be used as a portable console, almost like a tablet or a computer.

The Nintendo Switch comes with a flawless LCD screen with touch sensors. So when it is put in a standalone mode, it can be used as a tablet and can be played by more than one person in a tabletop mode.

What’s more, it also can be used in a handheld mode and used as a portable option. To sum it up, one console that can be used in three different ways. Now, this feature is what practically every person has been waiting for.

What are the Nintendo Switch key features?

While most of the home consoles are stationery and have to be used from a fixed place. The Nintendo Switch gives the user the liberty to play it as they like it.

  • You can dock it to a docking station and play on the TV
  • It has Joy-Cons that can be shifted from the sides and turned to be placed on a tabletop. The Joy cons double up as controllers and one can use it as a table top console without having to touch the screen
  • The Nintendo Switch also functions in a handheld mode. The Joy Cons simple need to be adjusted to the sides and the console is ready to be used in portable mode.
  • The Joy Con is equipped with a camera; it also has a motion detection device too. Furthermore, one of the Joy Cons has an infrared motion camera. This makes the device able to check distances and differentiate simple hand gestures too.
  • The other Joy Con is enabled with some fun features like a ‘capture’ button. With which the gamer can take pictures, screenshots and also create funny images.
  • The Nintendo Switch will also not be region locked, so a device purchased elsewhere are used in another country, or e-shopped will not have any issues with a regional lock.

What makes Nintendo Switch so special?

In today’s times when mobiles and tablets are replacing most daily use gadgets, there is one arena where it does not match up. We all already know that mobile phone or tablet games can be no replacement for the real graphic and effects of playing on a real console.

It is fine to play mobile games to kill time, but when looking for a nail-biting story with some compelling graphics and effects, nothing less than a home gaming console is enough. And this is where a Nintendo Switch comes to play.

Other gaming options require high-speed internet at all times which may not be a practical option for many. Especially those who use the consoles during a hotel stay.

With this one, your gaming experience need not only be limited to sitting in front of the TV. You can actually move around and still enjoy state of the art graphics and play your favorite games. This way you enjoy the signature style of Nintendo while home or even use it as a first ever portable console.

How does the Nintendo Switch work as a portable option?

If you think you need to switch your existing game from the home console in front of the television to a portable mode. All you have to do is remove it from the docking station and simply slide the Joy-Con controllers to the sides.

Having done this, you can now easily play your home console game outdoors or even while on the go.

Can the portable option work in Multiplayer mode?

When on a portable mode, the Nintendo Switch can be used in a two player mode. If more than two players wish to play the game, the Nintendo Switches can be synced together for more than two players to play at a time.

How about the Nintendo Switch hardware?

Owing to its shape, it is packed in a case that appears like a tablet. Roughly the size is a little bigger than your palm. Its bulk might fit into your back pocket. Thickness wise, it is a little on the thicker side when you compare it with other conventional tablets. The sides of the device need to be treated carefully, as their grooves contain the Joy Cons which are the highlight of the entire device.

The Joy Cons that appear singular opens out as two halves, which offers the options of using the Nintendo Switch as a tabletop mode or a portable one. The two halves of the Joy Con may appear a little uncomfortable at first, but once you get the habit of fitting each half into your palms, it becomes comfortable.

To use it as a table top version, if you find the support a little weak, supporting the device with an additional external support seems like a good idea.

Packed with a battery life of up to 4-6 hours, this device is a sturdy and compact.

Are there any known disadvantages of the Nintendo Switch?

Though the system is relatively new, there are some issues which have unearthed, though no exact confirmation of them have been received.

  • The Joy tends to get disconnected especially during the docked mode and the game cannot be paused.
  • The Nintendo Switch appears to receive poor Wi-Fi signals despite being very close to the router.
  • The Switch comes with LCD touch screen. This makes it delicate to handle, as the fear of scratches persists especially in docked mode. Buying a screen guard for it would be advisable.

How to win a free Nintendo Switch giveaway?

Having discussed the technical details, we move to the main agenda. If you have not been able to lay your hands on the Nintendo Switch yet, either because it isn’t available or out of your budget. You can try your luck and get Nintendo Switch for free.

There are some cool Nintendo switch giveaway contests happening online, where you can try your hand.

How does Nintendo Switch Giveaway work?


The contest works in many ways. You enter the Nintendo Switch giveaway contest using all your social media links and handles like Google, Facebook, Twitter.

You get to earn many points for promoting the contest in various ways. There are several tasks that are assigned and you get to earn points at the completion of every task. The ones with the highest number of points get a chance to enter the contest to the Nintendo Switch giveaway.

By simply promoting the offer, you get a chance to earn points every time. If you click on the contest page, you then get an option for sharing the link on your social media handles. So you earn points for that. Every post on Facebook and every tweet on Twitter helps you earn more points.

If any of your friends actually opens the link and reads it, you earn some more points. You earn points if someone even clicks on the link you posted.

And if someone signs up under your name, this is your chance to make many more points.

By simply liking their Facebook page or subscribing to their YouTube page you can earn many more points. Using the Facebook option, commenting on their page adds to your point kitty. You can earn points by commenting on various blog posts as well. When you simply view their YouTube tutorial, you get a chance to earn a whole lot of more points.

When you earn enough points, you stand a chance to enter the contest that could help you get your free Nintendo switch through Nintendo Switch giveaway.

These points are verified, and if you have not completed the tasks assigned then obviously you will not qualify for the contest. So do not waste any more time. Check out the contests and get to work. Spread the word to all your friends and near and dear ones, stay active on all your social media pages and earn as many points as you can. You never know, there probably is a Nintendo switch waiting with your name on it.

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